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T.O.P. Mall 店即將開張 !


因應衆多客戶的要求,也為了更方便直接接觸更多的客戶,我們下個月開始會在人氣旺盛,交通方便的旺角 T.O.P. Mall 開店啦!店鋪會提供衆多時尚的新類精品,并即場提供燙印字服務,和大家一起熱情歡度聖誕,新年,春節和情人節的來臨! 本店也可提供貨品交收的服務: 如果您不方便親臨本司總店,可以到我們的旺角店交收。詳情會儘快公佈!現在您可即刻摁 這裏 或下面的圖片購物!


Popup Store


精選銀包特價 $188 發售 Super Wallet Sale $188 Only!

蓮花庭推出精選特色銀包 $188 發售,絕對超值,機會難得,貨品有限,預購從速!精緻包裝,送禮絕對無難度,快啲行動啦!特價貨品不需優惠碼,系統會直接給於優惠。請摁 這裏 或下面的圖片開始購物吧。


Super Wallet Sale for only $188! Be quick while stocks last - Great choice of gift for you and your friend! Simply put your purchase into the shopping cart, and no code is needed for the $188 wallets . We also offer Free shipping and 14-day no-reason return, so be quick for this limited-time offer, and don't miss such a rare opportunity of saving. Click Here or the photo below to start shopping right away. Other wallets 20% OFF Sale is already over.


Selected Wallet Sale at Lotusting Genuine Leather Bags


好消息!本店開始提供手袋清潔翻新服務 HANDBAG SPA SERVICE!

超值優惠:凡於本店購買的手袋或配飾,享有本店提供的三年免費清潔護理及保護服務 (每年限兩次)!

收到大量關於手袋清潔護理的查詢,雖然本店有售皮革手袋清潔護理用品,而且需求都好大,但很多顧客仍然期望本店能提供相關的清潔護理服務。因應要求,本店決定推出一些實惠的手袋護理服務套餐比大家, 讓你心愛的手袋或其它皮具用品回復靚靚既一面!此服務暫時需要自取,不負責運送。如果您需要清潔手袋,敬請預約,並於辦公時間將手袋送到本公司,然後於完成清潔後取回,或者安排本店運送。本店的地址和營業時間如下: 荃灣白田壩街 5-21號嘉力工業中心A 座 8樓 21室;營業時間: 星期一至五10:00至18:00。 為了提供優質的服務,避免等待,請用電話或 WhatsApp 跟我們的客服即時預約: 電話 - 3568 2779; WhatsApp - 65677865


查看詳情及具體收費,請摁 這裏 或下圖:


Handbag 手袋清潔護理套餐 at Lotusting eShop Genuine Leather Bags


窩心印字服務!Unique Monogramming Service!

想擁有自己名字或代號的手袋及配飾? 絕對無難度!蓮花庭因應客戶要求,由今日開始免費為您提供壓字服務 - 將您的名字壓印(包括鋁箔壓印)在手袋或配飾的適當位置。個人風格就係咁簡單!


Want to have your unique handbag or accessories with your name or code on it? No problem!!! From now on, we can do it for FREE at Lotusting eShop. All you need to do is to let us know the name or code to deboss, our professional staff will do it for you at the appropriate location. Personalization could never be so easy!.


Free Monogramming Service at Lotusting


送禮話咁易!Excellent Gift Choices!



It is perfect to send our leather wallets or belts as gifts for your friends. With our elegant gift box and adorable Japanese gift cards, you are trouble free to have all your gifts ready on time. Act NOW, and don't be late!.


Best New Year Gift Choices at Lotusting


窩心的禮遇、獨特的體驗 Beyond Your Expectation



Yes, Beyond your expectation of ordinary shopping! For every of your purchase in our store, we will provide a special carefully selected FREE gift for you, such as bag charm, silk scarf, or leather cleaning glove, which can give your handbag a much-needed fashionable uplift! We have plenty of gift choices in our store, so the more you purchase the more or more luxurious gift we will attentively select for you. Shop now and enjoy the extraordinary shopping experience!.


Free Gift for Everything You Purchase at Lotusting


寫評語,賺庭幣,購物多樂趣 Write Reviews, Earn Lotus Coins, and Happy Shopping !

產品及購物的評語對顧客係非常重要,可以做為購物決定的參考,所以為咗鼓勵顧客多啲寫評語,我哋現在推出寫評語賺庭幣的推廣:每寫一個評語就會賺取五個庭幣,可用於本店任何產品,絕無附加條件,而且庭幣可以纍積,用於將來購物,絕對划算,又幫人又實惠!您每寫一個評語,系統會將相應的庭幣存入您的戶口。關於庭幣的具體使用方法,請摁 這裏 瞭解詳情。當然,本店對評語有最終的審核權,不相關或者是附有有攻擊性或誹謗成分的評語,不會顯示,也不會換取庭幣。希望你哋多啲寫評語啦!想瞭解如何寫評語,請摁 這裏


We all know that customers' views on their purchase are very helpful for customers to make a purchase decision, so to encourage our customers to write more reviews, we are now launching a new scheme to earn Lotus Coins for your reviews, which can be accumulated and used in your future purchase without any attached condition. For each of your reviews, you will earn 5 Lotus Coins, which is equivalent to 5 HK dollars, and the Coins will be automatically saved to your account. The more reviews you write, the more Coins you will earn. For details of the use of our Lotus Coins, please click Here. Our eShop has the final say of your reviews: those irrelevant or reviews with defamation nature will not be published, or be used for exchange of Coins. Please click Here to know how to write reviews.


Write Reviews and Earn Lotus Coins at Lotusting eShop


贈送真皮清潔海綿或手套優惠 Free Cleaning Sponge or Glove

機不可失!現選購任何真皮護理產品,本店會因應贈送精美實用的清潔海綿或純棉手套,適合一般日常清潔打理,多買多送,優惠期有限,送完即止,快啲把握機會啦!本店會因應購買產品的類別或數量而贈送清潔海綿或手套,顧客如有特別要求,也可以向我們提出。方法很簡單,衹要您購買相應贈送護理海綿或手套,一起送貨給您,您也可將相應的清潔海綿/手套 放入購物袋内,方便快捷!話你聼,手袋一定要經常清潔,出邊咁圬濁,衫要日日洗,可手袋咁貼身,你有否經常清潔及殺菌處理呢?尤其係香港時冷時熱,時乾時濕啲環境,手袋的清潔和護理係好重要嘅。


Great limited-time offer! From now on, with any purchase of our leather care products, you will get our fabulous cleaning sponge or cotton glove for FREE! The more you purchase, the more FREE items you get, while stocks last. Simply order any leather care product, we will send the appropriate cleaning sponge or glove to you with your purchase, nice and easy. Alternatively, you may also put the corresponding item into the shopping cart. We will select sponge or glove at our discretion, but you have any preferences, please let us know.


Free Cleaning Sponge or Glove at Lotusting with Bag Purchase


會員庭幣 Lotus Coins

每次購物均可獲得積分,換取庭幣,並於蓮花庭店當現金使用。換取率高達 5% (指定產品可達 10% 換取率), 例如購買滿HK$100(折扣後),即可獲5個庭幣。我們更不時推出特別優惠,讓您賺取庭幣。累積的庭幣可於購物時扣減消費金額,1個庭幣當港幣$1使用。每次購物後,相應庭幣會自動存入您的戶口,並在下次購物時選擇使用,絕無附加條件。關於庭幣的具體使用方法,請摁  這裡  查詢。


The Lotus Coins Program allows you to earn points for your purchase up to 5%10% for selected items) at LotusTing eShop with no condition attached. One Lotus Coin is equivalent to 1 HK dollar. The Coins can be accumulated, and We will also offer many promotions for you to earn extra Lotus Coins. To know more about Lotus Coins, please click here.


Lotus Coins at Lotusting with Bag Purchase




迎新 HK$100 優惠 Welcome OFFER

當您登記本店,就自動成為會員, 可獲一次性 HK$100 優惠劵使用。此券限期至年尾,期間可用於購買滿HK$500或以上的貨品。您只需要在選購完備後,在購物車(Shopping Cart) 網頁的 "Discount Code" 一欄輸入 “LOTUSTINGMP20",就可獲得相關優惠,記得要登入之後才可使用喔,歡迎您多啲來購物啦! 本優惠可以同其它優惠同時使用 (除咗Facebook 讚好優惠),認真超值。請摁 這裡 了解優惠碼的具體使用方法,摁 這裡 登記成爲我們的會員。


As soon as you register with us in our store, you will automatically become our member, and you are entitled to a one-OFF HKD100 Welcome coupon. You can use it anytime up to the end of the year to purchase any items for a total of HKD500 or above in value. To redeem it, all you need to do is to enter "LOTUSTINGMP19" in the Discount Code field at the Shopping Cart page when checking out, and press "Apply". You need to login first to use the coupon, and it can be used with all other promotions except the Facebook Like coupon. You may click here to find out the details of applying discount code.


Lotusting Free Registration eVoucher


讚好專頁 HK$100 優惠 Like Us on Facebook

如果您讚好我們 LOTUSTING Leather Handbags Facebook 專頁,可獲得 HK$100 一次性優惠奍。我們會在您讚好之後透過 Facebook 的信息發給您。如果過程有延誤而導致您收不到優惠碼,請及時跟我們聯絡,我們會盡快發給您。使用讚好優惠碼,您需要首先登入本店,選購總值HK$500 或以上的貨品,在 Checkout/Shopping Cart 網頁的 Discount Code 欄輸入優惠碼,再摁 Apply 就可以啦。此優惠可以和本店其它優惠同時享用 (除咗登記禮券),絕對超值。請摁 這裡 了解優惠碼的具體使用方法。


When you Like us on LOTUSTING Leather Handbags Hong Kong Facebook page, you will get an one-OFF HKD100 coupon for $500 or above purchase at Lotusting.com.  We will send you the Code through Facebook Message. However, if there is a delay that you couldn't receive the Code, please let us know, and we will send you right away. To use the Code, you need first to login, and at Checkout page, please enter the Code in the Discount Code field, and click [Apply]. You can click here to find the details of applying the discount codes.


Lotuting Facebook like us


免費幫您送禮物給友人並附上精美祝福卡 Free Gift Card Service

您可以在本店購物,然後通過我們送禮物給友人,甚至是送給自己又未嘗不可。LOTUSTING.com 免費提供此服務。您只要在結帳時, 選 ADD GIFT OPTION, 再附上祝福語句就可以啦。我們會將您的祝福語寫在我們精心挑選的精美別致的禮物卡上面,當您的朋友收到禮物時就可以收到您誠意的祝福。目前,我們還沒有提供特別的禮物包裝服務,如果您有這方面的要求,請一定跟我們提出喔,我們會不斷改進我們的服務的,保證您滿意就是我們的宗旨。要了解選送禮物的具體操作,請摁 這裡


If your purchase is a gift for your friend (or for yourself, why not), we can provide such GIFT services for free. All you need to do it to check the "Add Gift" option when you check out the order, and leave a greeting note. We will then put your greeting note onto a delicate Gift card, and send with your purchase. Right now, we don't provide special gift packing service. However, if you require such services, please let us know. We will continuously upgrade our services to keep you 100% satisfied. If you need to know the detailed procedure of the Gift Option, please click here.


Gift Card 1        Gift Card 2


Gift Card 3 Gift Card 4
長條型花草優質印花紙筏 清爽綠葉信卡紙筏



售後服務 After Sale Services

提供手袋護理及皮具保養的咨詢服務。如果遇上皮革問題, 可以拍下照片,向我們查詢護理方案。


We provide consultation service for your purchases at LOTUSTING.com on leather care and repair. During delivery, all our items will be packed in solid gift boxes with dust bags, packing papers, and dehumidifier bags. However, if you have problems or queries on leather care of your leather items, please let's know, and we will try all our best to assist you free of charge.


會員通訊 Newsletter

LOTUSTING.com 作為真皮時尚品牌, 我們會透過會員通訊定時向會員發放各種時裝及皮革保養資訊,當然少不了優惠產品介紹, 以及最新/即將上架的貨品和推廣優惠等。您只需要在我們的網店的右下角的 [會員通訊] / Newsletter 的欄目填上您的電郵地址就可加入。請按 這裡  瀏覽我們最新一期的會員通訊。


Being a fashion store, LOTUSTING.com regularly send newsletter to members on fashion news, leather care, and essentially the new promotions as well as the new arrivals and coming events etc. To subscribe to our newsletter, all you need to do is to fill up the Newsletter field at the bottom-right of our store with your email. You may click here to take a look at the current issue of our Newsletter.


成爲我們的會員 Become a Member

以上是我們 LOTUSTING.com 目前提供的主要優惠,我們會不斷更新,推出更好更實惠的優惠。快D按 這裡 加入蓮花庭的大家庭。成爲我們的會員,不需任何費用和附帶條件,可以盡享所有提供的優惠,更可以累積會員積分換領禮物及收到最新購物或生活資訊享受購物的樂趣!您可以按下面的附圖連接了解詳情:


The above are the current benefits/promotions that LOTUSTING.com is offering, and we will keep on running more new and attractive promotions, and make you really benefit from them. Do act Now, and click here to join us! There is absolutely no obligations involved to be a member, and you can immediately enjoy all the benefits, and have fun to shop with us!